Welcome to the history side of The Bite Me Corner!

I’m Dee! And I’m Lauri! 


We both home educated our children and found that through cooking we could explore the freedom 

granted through new ideas. Subsequently, our children developed huge levels of confidence; you know,

the type of confidence that any school would be proud to proclaim!


But this was not a traditional school. This was Home schooling.

This allowed us to develop a system which  triggered the flame of

excitement within our children.


They wanted to discover and learn new, exhilarating things!

As a family we would often cook together and encourage our children to put their

twist on traditional recipes! Suffice to say, today our children are not only

confident, creative cooks but also confident, creative young adults!


We did this for the betterment of our children and to aid in them attaining

their full potential as human beings. We want to be them when we grow up!



So come join the world we’ve created for our young hopefuls; full of inspiration, imagination,

positivity and a can – do attitude (in abundance!)


We decided to bring our Home Education to you

in order give you a bite of a new way of building potential.