The Bite Me Corner is a new confidence programme done through cooking! We can provide after school clubs for primary and Secondary schools.  Our after school programme allows you the parent/guardian to take a back seat whilst your child brings out their creative culinary skills in a fun nurturing environment!

Depending on your child time slot (1hr-2hr) he or she could be making a pizza or bring home dessert!

The Bite Me Corner after school clubs can be done for either infants or juniors and are administrated by The Bite Me Corner. All the Bite Me Corner team are DBS checked.

The Yellow Pavilion is where the classes will take place. It is set around a luxury shopping centre, cafes, restaurant and a great Civic Centre.  A fantastic friendly, family environment.

Your child will be in their element at The Bite Me Corner after school programme!



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We would be delighted to hear from you! No hungry kids on the way home! Give us call on 07824337487 or